How do I find time for exercise with 2 kids and a job?

Finding & prioritizing their time is the number one reason people give not to exercise. Remember that we all have the same 24 hours and by adding activity to your life you can be adding years of productive time to your lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions.
  • Multi-task so that you can exercise while watching TV, catching up on magazines, reading professional literature, playing with the kids, meeting with a friend or associate, etc.

  • You can also pick up the pace at the grocery store, during housekeeping, running errands, etc.

  • Try turning time wasters into time savers by contracting muscle groups while standing in line or driving, stretch at your desk, go for a walk when waiting to pick up the kids & in between chauffeuring, use coffee breaks to go for a stroll.

Three 10-minute intervals are just as good as one 30-minute session.

All the above suggestions are spot on, and do work, but let's get real - how long do you think you could sustain this style of living with your current schedule? This is why the DunnRite Fitness program was created. With our system, the above suggestions become a supplement workout not "the" workout of the day.

But how - by following two simple steps?

  1. Make your workout a necessity vs. a luxury. Ask yourself this question - would you not cut the grass if you did your workout first? Of course not! Then why are you not doing your 20 min workout after you cut the grass? Remember - you need at least 20 mins of an elevated heart rate in order to burn off excess calories!

  2. Are you "in or out"? You have to make a conscious choice that you are "all in" with this fitness plan. That no matter what, you are going to do your workout as scheduled for the day or the week. It really doesn't matter if you do it "half-ass", just as long as you "show-up"! Remember, just being in a situation to do your workout is 90% of the battle.

If you really try these two steps, exercise becomes an integral part of your daily life. And then (and only then), you will start to see the results you are wanting.

Remember - the first 5 seconds are crucial when making any decision.

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